SPOILERS of New Moon!

-One special challenge for the production team was how to convey Bella’s depression once Edward departs. In the books..the month pages do it. (October, November, December, January) In the film the passage of time is represented with visual effects. Bella sits in her chair in the bedroom and a camera circles around here while the seasons change outside her window. -Another shot manipulation, instead of Bella
First Still of Bella & Edward

The first Eclipse still is here! Edward and Bella in the meadow! The picture was found via People Magazine‘s Special Collectors Edition – Twilight Returns, New Moon which comes out in November! It features stills from New Moon, and the above Eclipse still. Notice how the flowers in the meadow are the same as picture here, that Eclipse director David Slade shared with us? What do you
‘New Moon’ Action Figures Now Shipping: Edward, Alice, Bella & Jacob

The New Moon action figures have arrived, and are now showing up at retailers. Now you can have your own personal New Moon heroes! Check out the randomly priced selection–if price equals rarity, Alice is the one everyone is after: - Jacob Black - Alice Cullen - Bella Swan - Edward Cullen - Pack of all four Figures
Christian Serratos talks about Bella/Edward A little

In the fantasy world of many Twilight Saga fans, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would be married, with oodles of adorable babies on the way. However, despite what some celebrity gossip tabloids tell you, this isn't happening. But Christian Serratos - who plays Angela Weber in the film franchise - told E! News last night that Edward and Bella fans will be quite excited over the hot
New Edward and Bella Pic

This picture is from the Official Spanish New Moon Movie website
Happy Birthday, Bella!

New ‘NewMoon’ Promo Pictures

Bella Swan Edward Cullen Alice Cullen Alec Volturi Aro Volturi Marcus Volturi Caius Volturi What do you think about the pictures?
OK Weekly: ‘Rob Pattinson Risks it all for Kristen’

In less than a year Robert Pattinson has gone from “that handsome guy who played Cedric Diggory” in the Harry Potter films to the world’s most desired movie star. But now, on the cusp of even bigger success with the impending release of New Moon and Eclipse currently being filmed in Vancouver, it may all slip away from R-Pattz, thanks to his recently accelerated romance with
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