David Slade’s Twitpic of Riley from Eclipse

In celebration of wrap first Eclipse cast photo Xavier Samuels between set ups as Riley Biers.
David Slade Twitpic

Director of 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' David Slade has posted some new twitpics David A Slade 6am mountain. A black bear strayed close to us. We shoot solid through, sunburnt and tired we return at sunset. click the picture to go to his Twitpic account
David Slade: Twitpic from Eclipse set Sept 5th

From occasional series Twilight Eclipse crew photos. Duke, B camera operator.
Summit: “Eclipse cast Lockdown completely False”

Summit Entertainment dispels rumors about new rules on set “Eclipse,” the third installment in “The Twilight Saga,” is currently shooting on location in Vancouver, as fans must already know. The entire cast is assembled, including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, so a rumor emerged that director David Slade was sick of their ramblings about and had placed them on lockdown. Not quite so, Summit
Tanya…Yes or No???

“According to the information handled by the portal, Argentinian actress will participate in a film from director David Slade. Leonardo DiCaprio’s manager is a close friend of Michael Bublé and was the one who managed the reunion between the director and the actress. It was predictable that she was going to break ground on the outside, due to her confirmed affair with Canadian singer Michael Bublé. Is that
More insight from Director David Slade

Straight from Director David Slade himself. Twit pic... david slade "Mr Taylor Lautner. A photo I took during early camera lighting tests. Not a whisker in sight."
David Slade gives us LaPush

Eclipse director David Slade, tweets from time to time about behind-the-scenes of Eclipse. Here are some pics striaght from him. Stylish new boots. SOUND BOOTS the sound of a crew moving picks up so we have stylish boots when we are on noisy ground A piece of La Push. Abstract grass near La Push.
Slade “Eclipse filming continued through weekend”

Eclipse filming continued through the weekend, and director David Slade has been providing some updates via his Twitter: Wrapped first week, probably most challenging week of our shoot. Last night Xavier Samuels delivered as astonish power performance, all good To follow him on Twitter, click here
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