‘Eclipse’ Editor Removed ? Are There Problems with the Film?

Only one week before the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is set to debut in theaters in front of Robert Pattinson's Remember Me comes this bit of controversy from within the post-production offices. Apparently Summit Entertainment has replaced the original Eclipse editor, Art Jones, with Nancy Robinson, who edited the first Twilight film. So why the switch? Well, the studio isn't blaming Jones at
Rome Film Festival to reveal more New Moon Footage

Too much or do you want more? You're probably thinking one of two things right now. Either, "Yes! I can't wait to see more New Moon footage. Bring it on!" or "No! I've seen enough; I don't want the movie to be spoiled!" Are you excited more New Moon footage will be shown at the Rome Film Festival or do you think enough is enough? We've seen
‘New Moon’ 5 Hours Long

The first official band to be writing a song for the New Moon Soundtrack, Death Cab For Cutie, just got to watch a special screening of New Moon - a five hour long version of the flick! Obviously the movie's time will be cut down.... but still, think of the "Director's Cut" and how many extra's will be on the DVD... or Blu-Ray! :) It's been announced
Does Robert Pattinson have more female or male Fans?

It seems that its not just women who find Robert Pattinson interesting. According to showbizspy, Robert said that it is not just women who ask for his autograph, men have been too. Its reported that Robert is currently in Canada, filming Eclipse the third Twilight movie. According to a Twilight insider, Robert hardly leaves his hotel unless he is needed on set because of
Twilight In Forks: Trailer Clip Released

'One of the things that you'll see in the film is how vampires actually relate to Forks,' says director Jason Brown. Last week, the creators of the first-ever documentary about Stephenie Meyer's hugely successful "Twilight" vampire phenomenon revealed the existence of their movie and unveiled its poster. Now, MTV is the only place where you can see the first footage released from the buzzed-about flick. "One of
Kristen Stewart: Forks High Graduate photos (Updated)

Sporting new long hair extensions, Kristen Stewart holds onto a fake diploma as she films the graduation scene in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver. She was also joined by her on-screen father Billy Burke, who tweeted the night before this scene was filmed. "Just got to hotel in Vancouver. Start tmorow early. Someone gets a cap and gown. G’nite for now.” Also pictured on set was
First Look at Bella Swan hair for Eclipse…Plus graduation gown and diploma…

[caption id="attachment_262" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="New Kristen Stewart Hair for Eclipse"][/caption] The graduation scene was filmed today for Eclipse but no one has gotten pictures of Bella or Edward... So here is for first look at Bella Swan... Remember Kristen had colored and cut her hair for the film THE RUNAWAYS, which she filmed right after NEW MOON... Kristen is also holding a diploma and a yellow
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