‘New Moon’ Action Figures Now Shipping: Edward, Alice, Bella & Jacob

The New Moon action figures have arrived, and are now showing up at retailers. Now you can have your own personal New Moon heroes! Check out the randomly priced selection–if price equals rarity, Alice is the one everyone is after: - Jacob Black - Alice Cullen - Bella Swan - Edward Cullen - Pack of all four Figures
A Shirtless Jacob and Golden Eyed Edward

Thanks MTV for posting these pictures. A Hot Shirtless Jacob Black A Sexy Golden Eyed Edward Cullen
‘NewMoon’ Corn Maze in Utah

A maze has sprung up in the corn fields of Utah for daring adventures that want to solve a labyrinth in the shape of Jacob Black’s face– Although the movie doesn’t arrive in theaters until Nov. 20, this 24-acre corn maze opens Sept. 24 and continues through Oct. 31. Aerial photos show that two separate “Twilight”-themed maze patterns at Black Island Farms, 3178 S. 3000 West, have
Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) is Team Jacob

The "New Moon" plot involves Bella Swan's broken heart after soulful Edward Cullen figures vampire-human love can't last and then takes off. What's a girl to do except fall in love with the local werewolf Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner? "I'm definitely Team Jacob Black," says Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale. "The appeal of Edward Cullen is that he's so complicated. That's hard for a
Jacob Black New Moon Poster

inside Teen Vogue Magazine with Taylor Lautner

Access Hollywood Takes You Inside Taylor’s Teen Vogue Photo Shoot. Video! Video from Taylor’s cover shoot for Teen Vogue’s October issue, in newstands September 8th. [gallery link="file"]
Scenes We are Looking Forward to Seeing in ‘New Moon’, ‘Eclipse’, and ‘Breaking Dawn’?

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read anything past the very first book in Stephenie Meyer's series, you probably should skip reading this list, run out to your nearest bookstore, and, uh … get on that! 5. BELLA AND EDWARD REUNITE IN ITALY After an almost completely Edward-less "New Moon," by the end of the book readers are almost more desperate to reunite with their favorite hunky vampire
Taylor Lautner Interview

How’s the new wig? “Thank you I think it does looks pretty natural it’s not as itchy, its not in my way- we’ve got a good team.-Yea everybody’s really awesome on the set Did you actually get a tattoo?? “I did not. no no no no no” Is it henna? What did they use?? Is it stick on? Yea- just like normal tattoos like you get from the 25
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