Christian Serratos: Naked for PETA

New moon star Christian Serratos posing nude for PETA.
Nueva Luna Official Spanish New Moon Poster

New Edward Cullen Posters

Jacob Black New Moon Poster

NECA/Summit releases new Edward & Bella poster

It's nice to see A brand new poster for New Moon, of Edward & Bella finally together.
Fan Made Volturi Poster

With the recently release promo pictures of the Volturi's , someone out in this wonderful world of our decided to made this wonderful poster. To bad no one who made it, so if it was you that made it, please notify us so that we can give you credit for it. You deserve it. This poster is awesome.
Fan Made Volturi New Moon poster

Check out this amazing fanmade poster of the Volturi assembled from the recently-released Volturi promo pics! Does anyone know the artist of this piece? Thanks: TwilightExaminer
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