David Slade’s Twitpic of Riley from Eclipse

In celebration of wrap first Eclipse cast photo Xavier Samuels between set ups as Riley Biers.
Peter Facinelli Filming Nurse Jackie this week Twitpic

Peter wrote: "Shooting nurse Jackie this week. Steven Wallem (Thor) and Coop R savin lives today".
David Slade ‘Billy Burke wraps Eclipse’ Meadow Pic

David Slade wrote: Wrapped Billie Burke yesterday, his description to be clear was an absolute compliment. Forget makeup thing it was a joke for @billy_burke Then he posted this Meadow photo on twitpic.
Twitpic: BooBoo gets A new haircut

Seth Clearwater haircut? Here is a photo he posted in the chair!
Latest set photo from David Slade

Another photo right from the directors camera, on twitter 1 day ago.
David Slade Twitpic

Director of 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' David Slade has posted some new twitpics David A Slade 6am mountain. A black bear strayed close to us. We shoot solid through, sunburnt and tired we return at sunset. click the picture to go to his Twitpic account
David Slade: Twitpic from Eclipse set Sept 5th

From occasional series Twilight Eclipse crew photos. Duke, B camera operator.
David Slade Twitpic: Taylor Lautner backflip exclusive

David Slade has posted an exclusive photo on Twitpic of Jacob doing a back-flip on Eclipse set. Here are his words and the pic below. "Taylor Lautner Pic from set, yes that is him mid backflip. He does it from standing still". 48 minutes ago from TwitPic
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