Summit Entertainment Creates Twitter Account, Chris Weitz Tweets New Moon Info & Official Running Time!

Summit Entertainment created a twitter account as of today. Right now only New Moon director Chris Weitz has been tweeting. He stated that this is the official New Moon twitter account, however it is listed under Summit Entertainment. Chris shared an awesome pic of himself at the sound mixing stage. As you can see there is a huge screen with a picture of Bella Swan. It
Chris Weitz Shares Exclusive Photo

New Moon director Chris Weitz shares an exclusive photo via twitter. The @Twilight  twitter account was just set up today and already its been absolutely forkin’ fabulous!! The picture which includes Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson), Bella Swan (aka Kristen Stewart) and Jacob Black (aka Taylor Lautner). Looking at what Bella is wearing (Billabong Hannah Jacket, head band), it seems as though that this is the scene where
Taylor Lautner Twitter Official Fakes

By TaylorLautnerDaily This article about Taylor Lautner Twitter, MySpace and Facebook accounts was created because I'm really tired of people getting fooled by posers. Innocent and well-meaning Taylor fans are being tricked. It gets on my nerves, it's wrong and these fakers are committing fraud. If you are knowingly following a fake Taylor, that's fine by me. But if you suspect you are following a poser, continue
Tinsel Korey’s official twitter

The actress who plays Emily in New Moon has created an account on Twitter, which you can view and follow right here. Tip off:  twilightsource
Confirmed Twilight Cast Twitter Accounts

@100monkeysmusic – A music band in whic is Jackson @alchemission - Charlie is playing Demetri @AnnaKendrick47 – Anna plays Jessica in Twilight saga @ashleymgreene – Ashley plays Alice in Twilight series! @billy_burke – Billy is playing the role of Bella’s fater, Charlie @BobbyLongNews – Bobby is one of the writers of song “Let me sign” whic is also on Twilight soundtrack (Rob singing) & also a good friend of Rob @cserratos
Chris Weitz Checks His Twitter from New Moon set

Director Chris Weitz checks his email or plays a game or does something equally intense on his phone. "New Moon," April 24, 2009 [caption id="attachment_1614" align="alignnone" width="448" caption="photo by David Strick"][/caption] See more photos HERE
Robert Pattinson’s First and Last Tweet

Robert Pattinson, who refuses to have a Twitter account, has finally shared his thought via the free social networking service. Celebrating his "Twilight" co-star Peter Facinelli, who has reached one million Twitter followers on Friday, September 18, the British hunk posted a statement through Peter's account. "Thanks a million. Here's Rob... Hi, it's Rob... My first and last tweet," Robert wrote on Peter's Twitter page.
Latest set photo from David Slade

Another photo right from the directors camera, on twitter 1 day ago.
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