New Moon’s Vampire Cartel The Volturi Scene

Hear from Robert Pattinson, Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Michael Sheen, author Stephenie Meyer, director Chris Weitz and more. They point out that the Volturi: are the vampire royalty; the oldest coven in the Twilight universe; they enforce the law; they are a very powerful group; they keep order within their kind. The stunt coordinator, director, producer and writer all contribute to the segment in explaining how
New Moon The Volturi Unscripted Interviews

Moviefone's exclusive interview with the Volturi
Official New Moon Movie Website – Volturi Info Now Up!

The Official New Moon Website website now has a new Volturi Estate area that has bio’s on Aro, Caius, Jane and Marcus. The page opens up with Aro saying…‘Your gift will make for an intriguing immortal’….wooo 36 days and counting! Check out all the Volutri Estate at
New ‘NewMoon’ Promo Pictures

Bella Swan Edward Cullen Alice Cullen Alec Volturi Aro Volturi Marcus Volturi Caius Volturi What do you think about the pictures?
Jamie Campbell’s MTV interview

With only two more months left before "New Moon" finally hits theaters, many fans have begun looking past the series' stars (RPattz, KStew, Taycob) and wondering who the next big breakout will be. And while it might be smart to place your money on such newcomers as Kiowa Gordon, Dakota Fanning or Cameron Bright, we feel like the man to beat might just be Jamie
Fan Made Volturi Poster

With the recently release promo pictures of the Volturi's , someone out in this wonderful world of our decided to made this wonderful poster. To bad no one who made it, so if it was you that made it, please notify us so that we can give you credit for it. You deserve it. This poster is awesome.
Fan Made Volturi New Moon poster

Check out this amazing fanmade poster of the Volturi assembled from the recently-released Volturi promo pics! Does anyone know the artist of this piece? Thanks: TwilightExaminer
Super high-res Volturi photos released online

Summit Entertainment has released, the Super High-res photos of the Volturi for New Moon. And we have posted them in the best format just for you. Click images for High-res viewing. [gallery]
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